How search engines work for websites

How search engines work for websites?

Search engine optimization (SEO) works as an answer machine. It helps the google crawler to crawl, search, and to organize different types of content present on the internet. This helps to bring the most relevant results to search queries of the searchers.

If you want your target audience to see your content on the internet, you first have to make sure that your website is visible to the search engines and their crawlers. This is the most debatable question, if your website does not appear to search engines then there is no way in this world that you can appear in search engine results (SERP).

Mode of SEO to work for websites:

Any search engine will work through these three primary functions:

  1. Crawling: The crawler will find the content all over the internet and they will pick the URL of every content that will be relevant.
  2. Indexing: It will collect all the URLs it found out while crawling and will organize it. Once the URL’s in the indexing stage the search engine will rank down the URL’s to display in order.
  3. Ranking: In this process, the search engine ranks the URLs from most relevant to the least relevant. So that it can deliver the most relevant results for the person who searched.

Search engine crawling:

Crawling is the process of discovering and recovering which the internet does through search engines. In this process, the search engines call out for the team of robots which are known as search engine spiders and crawlers.

These crawlers discover the most fresh and updated content for the search query. No matter what kind of content format is (text, audio, video, photo etc) crawlers always find the content with the help of links.

Crawlers hop on a few web pages and keep on finding links through these web pages. As they travel through a path or an array of links, they always end up indexing fresh content and updating their index called “Caffeine”. It is a huge database in which URLS are stored.

How search engines work for websites

 SEO and your website

 Consider you have two websites, Website A and Website B. The first website, website A is not responsive. It will mean that this website won’t load smoothly on mobile phones, tablets and all other devices.

On the other hand, website B is the responsive one which means it will load more smoothly on all devices. People will have better user experience while scrolling through the website.

Now see among these two websites it is very easy for search engines to pick up website A which is very responsive.

These days search engines use more than 200 factors to rank any website. So there is more than ever need for SEO if you want your website to appear in SERP.

 Why do search engines are influenced by SEO?

 I mean why do search engines even care if your website is search engine optimized or not? We are not paying them by doing SEO right? But that is the thing you may not be doing that but probably someone else will be paying search engines to rank higher.

So they care because the search engines also have to make money which they do playing advertisement on these top ranked websites

When you search for any search query in the search engine the resulting pages contain both the organic results and also those websites which have paid the search engine. The organic results are those that appear due to SEO.

While others appear due to PPC (Pay per click advertisement). You can’t bribe the google by paying them money and you can secure whatever position in the search engine results. It does not work like that.

More people use the search engine. More people will visit the websites and by displaying the paid websites on top the viewers will click on the ads. That will mean more money. Makes sense?

How SEO works in digital marketing

How SEO works in digital marketing?

Only think for a second that you own an outlet but there is no signage or specific board on it.  You may expect people to drop by only because of anxiousness and may demand product B whereas you would be selling product A.

 Now think of another scenario, you own an outlet with a proper signage on it and as well a little bit of  product information and image. Now it is obvious that people interested in that product will come to your outlet and will ask you about other products as well. Now these customers are converted to leads if they buy anything from our outlet.

These customers may respond to our targeted potential customers about their experiences and the product quality.

Now you see the first example is about a website that does not do SEO, while the second example is of the website that is professionally optimized for search results.

 What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes it easy for the google bot to crawl through the web and hence a website with good SEO will appear in top 10 search results. A website with good SEO is not just easy to crawl for the google bot but it is also very easy to run, and to categorize.

 SEO in Business:

Seo helps your customers to find your business company easily when there is so much competition outside. SEO is now very important for any digital marketing strategy for any business.

Doing SEO is a very strong step towards attracting your potential customer to your business via accurate online platforms. So to do that it is essential that you do SEO so that your website appears higher in SERP (Search engine result pages).

 Why is it essential? You know almost 14 million searches that place on the search engine of google only per month. As evident, there is such a huge global digital presence. So every business must have to make sure of digital presence.

 So to achieve a position in top 10 results of the SERP, you have to make all the efforts for professional SEO (both on page and off page). In addition to this you also have to keep in mind the other factors that contribute towards SEO that are social media marketing, PPC

(Pay per click), and other tasks that we do for digital marketing.

 For every business, new or old it is essential to advertise. The only way to expand your customer horizon in addition to good quality products is advertisement. Because advertising is such an effective way to attract large audiences, therefore as SEO is a free way of advertising towards a huge audience. Thereby, businesses must have to invest in it.

How SEO works in digital marketing

 A website with good SEO will land in the first page of SERP. And you know people only tend to go to load only the first two pages of SERP. Almost 74% of the people take the aid of google to search for local businesses. Hence it definitely focuses to have a website with good SEO backed up with quality oriented digital marketing.

 According to Tod Malicot:

 “SEO is a noun, verb, and adjective.”

 SEO and Digital Marketing:

 On a surface level people see no difference among the approaches of SEO and Digital Marketing. Both work for the same cause “Customer attraction”, but the method of execution is different and collectively they both produce tremendous effects for achieving the purpose.

We can see SEO as a subset of Digital Marketing. The department or the people of SEO are aimed at acquiring most of the organic traffic while people of digital marketing focus on ensuring overall digital presence of the business. This goes way beyond the scope of SEO.

Normally digital marketing teams work for SEO as well, and you will find packages named as digital marketing with SEO. Because people understand it more easily.

Traditional approaches involve services like search engine marketing along with optimizing a website. The thing is both processes of digital marketing and SEO are interdependent. We need SEO for creating content for digital marketing.

 SEO aids us to find right keywords, with that digital marketing teams can create blogs targeted with right keywords. It ultimately leads to contextual marketing, personalized marketing, behavioral marketing and mobile advertising. 

How SEO helps your business

How SEO helps your business?

SEO aids owners of small websites to rank their websites higher in search results with the help of robust and powerful websites. This top ranking will aid to generate positive leads that eventually turn into customers and hence increase your revenue as well as conversion rates.

SEO also aids in building brand personality and developing credibility because customers usually trust those sites that appear at the top in search engine results pages (SERP).

If you are thinking of expanding your business or if you are a small business that is looking for growth. Then you surely have to dive in the deep sea of SEO. Below we are going to mention main reasons why you need SEO for your business:

Customer friendly websites:

Search engine optimization will help you to build user friendly, customer friendly, robust and very smooth running websites. Though most of the people are still stuck on the old school though that SEO is only about optimizing the site for search results.  On the other hand, SEO is not about building a good website but it is also about how the user feels while browsing your site.

If your website is good looking, has a smooth flow and is uncluttered then it is certain that customers will spend more time drilling down your website. The customer will spend more time at your website and hence it will increase page visitors  and will decrease bounce rates.

Moreover, relevance of content also plays a big role in determining the success of your business. Customers enjoy relevant content because such articles will answer most of their questions. It will save them from typing again and again in the search bar as you will be providing the right content they are looking for.

To do it right it is essential to do both of the SEO, On-page and off-page rightly.

How SEO helps your business

Expanded customer horizon:

It is an obvious fact that we build websites to pace up with the competition and to have a unique identity of our own. Or else why would someone invest so much money on a website? Rightly optimized website helps you to attract most of the customers as compared to any business who don’t have a website.

No doubt Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. Also there is a plus point that you have to deal only with those customers that have interest in your product/service.

You have to dedicate your energy, time and money towards SEO, and it will result in attracting the targeted audience. That audience will become your audience later on and hence SEO alone will cause you sales more than enough as compared to any other marketing strategy.

 Increases conversion percentage/rates:

Properly optimized websites have better ranking in search results, can be loaded smoothly, one can drill down through it very easily. It will easily load on any kind of device and browser. Websites like these that are easy to read and have better drill flow, are more likely to attract customer attention and hence more visitors.

These visitors will eventually become your potential customers, and then customers and who knows that they do repeat buying as well.

Enhances Brand Personality: 

The top advantage of having a search engine optimized website is not only the top results but also it aids you to develop your brand image. When customers search you on their search browser and your website appears at the top they obviously will trust you more as compared to other brands who don’t own their web presence.

This is the reason why starting businesses that want to grow nationally or either internationally should invest in SEO. We are not people of ninety’s anymore we know the importance of web and web presence that can lead to making and breaking of your brand

Why is social media marketing important

Why is social media marketing important?

Most of the people are still unaware about the fact of social media marketing. Okay we should start with a simple fact that everyone lays stress on : “You should have a social media presence for your business”. But why? Let’s dive into the reasons how social media can increase  your revenues.

No matter what kind of business you own, small or large scale. Social media now plays a huge part in determining your marketing strategy.

Social media platforms are the biggest way to connect with your customer and make an influence on them regarding your business. It will eventually lead to more leads and sales. As per according to the research there are more than 300 billion people that use social media platforms, so it is obvious to make sure of your presence at all channels.

Most of the people are only reluctant to dive into social media just because they are not popular enough or they do not have enough followers. Remember it is not essential that you have a lot of information or a lot of persuasive content. It’s not too late to start and you can enjoy the growth during the process.

However, it may become difficult to pace up with changing marketing standards. Therefore, the Tech world is here to rescue you. Tech world is providing excellent social media marketing services to both large and small scale businesses.

If you are not still not sure whether to give it a try, the following are the reasons that will convince you that investing in social media is a wise business move.

Attraction and Awareness:

 How will people buy your product or service if they do not know about you? Social media makes it easy for you to be more visible on the internet. With the help of great profiles at all social media platforms it becomes easy to attract the potential customers and make them take interest in your brand.

Plus building good profiles at all social media platforms is for free. Hence you have nothing to lose However, in such a competing environment it is important what to put on your social media media. Till now, articles and videos are the most inspiring thing among the audience.

Why is social media marketing important


Customers are now very conscious about the brands from which they buy. That is why most of the people search about the brand on google either at their website or on their social media to know about them. So, having presence on all social media platforms will help you to communicate with your customers.

However, what you are throwing on them is completely on you. If your social media profile does not have a right amount of information, it can actually cast a negative effect on your audience of irresponsibility. Having the right kind and amount of information will build your image as trustworthy and credible.

Make you look genuine

 Try to figure it out what is your audience? Most of the audience does not prefer dry and business types of articles. Therefore, it  is very important to know your brand voice. Who you are? And what your brand is about?.

While businesses have to keep their tone very empathetic towards their customers. On the same side they also should know the right balance between casual, funny and formal. Only practice will make you master of tones!!!

Enhance Engagement

 Social media acts as a gateway to random customer interactions, building relations and ultimately customer loyalty. You may not know a random post about selling a pair of shoes may get several likes, comments and shares. The potential customers even engage with the previous customers about the quality and shipping and can get interested.

According to experts, businesses must have the right kinds of teams for social media marketing. Product development team and the support team are really effective. Social media dynamics and features are continuously changing and it may freak out some of the businesses.

However, remember you don’t have to put your foot in everything. Take a start, develop a strategy, think of new ways to connect and engage with your audience.

Grow your audience in a budget:

 Let’s be real, not every business has enough budget for the marketing. Not every business can afford banners all over the area or to spreal flyers in the whole town. So spending a dollar per month on social media marketing is a great way to find value with little money.

It increases the opportunity to endorse your brand to a wide range of audience. Therefore, you can achieve your objectives through social media advertising with the help of platforms like Facebook and instagram.

Remember that, Social media platforms are not necessarily for sales but they are for marketing purposes that endorse sales.

Why is SEO important for business

Why is SEO important for business?

Why is SEO important for business?

If you are struggling with your website and have questions like “Why is SEO important for business?” you are surely at the right place. Tech world being an expert in search engine optimization certainly knows how good and bad SEO can keep up or break down the success of any business.

Let’s dive deep into the world of SEO and analyze what role it plays in website ranking and several other factors. Do you want SEO services for your website and brand ?

Why is SEO important for business

 What role SEO plays?

 Focus on the word “Search engine optimization”, it certainly involves the best strategies, procedures and some actions that lead to prominent presence of any website on Google. That is why it is named as optimization in the first place.

 Types of SEO:

Generally speaking there are two very obvious kinds of SEO:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  • On page SEO: As its name suggests it involves all those practices and actions that you take on your website to increase its optimization and improve the ranking. It includes several things like keyword targeting, header text, time a site takes to load
  • Off- page SEO: Anything you do outside of your website to increase ranking of your website, mainly on other platforms and websites is off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is generally associated with “Links”.

Therefore, Tech world has team of experts that are masters in both types of SEO because we understand the importance of SEO in business and digital presence

SEO takes time:

Yes! It is true SEO is not a process that can yield results just with the blink of eye. It requires time to analyse all the factors and right procedures that will directly contribute to your ranking. It requires practice and it also takes time as well due to saturation and competition.

However, if you do everything right and all the factors directed towards right SEO, then you will be on #! Rank.

As SEO involves so many factors that can lead towards rankings, hence the site that is on number 1 is the star of the show for so many reasons. That site may not be having thousands of pages or visitors but it is all about performance.

Importance of SEO:

SEO is the method of Google to determine which site deserves to be on number 1 when someone puts their search term in the search engine. Now keeping in mind the fact that there are multiple websites belonging to a single niche it would be very simple to trick Google’s software to be on number one.

Hence multiple websites with millions of links and pages will qualify to be on #1 which is not possible.

But that is not the case, to beat the google search engine bot algorithms we must have to learn modern SEO. SEO is essential because it is fair with all the sites when you search anything. Google hence displays only those sites that are actually deserving to be in top 10 search results.

Improving your site continuously and increased number of visitors are the prominent factors that are responsible for google rankings.

Benefits of SEO for business:

 When your site is on number one it definitely leads to credibility. You convey the message to your visitor that because you are on top rank, you definitely got quality content.

The greater the rank of your website, it will lead to more impressions, clicks and  ultimately traffic. SEO is great for business as well in a sense that the more credible the site more chances of repeat buying.

SEO is cost effective as well. Of course, there are many competing websites out there that are getting top results because they are paying. However, if you have limited budget SEO is the best way to get ranked and to get organic traffic.

Therefore, Tech world is providing you with the best plans of SEO regarding your specific type of website. To get higher ranking you can avail our SEO packages.

Why is a website necessary for business

Why is a website necessary for business?

Why is a website necessary for business?, The number of people using the internet is increasing day by day. Users are not used to flyers and yellow pages anymore, According to a survey 97% of the people search on the internet to find the online presence of local businesses. That is why if you own a business then you surely have to be certain of your digital presence. Hence the need of a website.

 A lot of businesses do not realize the importance of having a website for their business just because they are not sure if it’s an investment or just a waste of money. This article specifically addresses those people who have enormous business plans but they still do not realize the importance and benefits of having a digital presence. Do you want to create website for your brand then contact us 

If you have an online presence then there are higher chances of making revenue from just a physical outlet. Tech world has helped numerous people regarding building excellent websites for them and taking their business dream to next levels.

Let’s discuss why companies are reluctant towards going digital? Most of them do not think of it as an investment because it does not yield instant results. However, most of them also do not have the patience of managing a website.

However there are various solutions to your every concern. That is why we are writing this article for anyone who still needs convincing. Following are the reasons why website is important for you:

Why is a website necessary for business


Credibility is the key to success and a website ensures that part for your website. Of course there are several vendors out there doing the same business having the same idea. But, having a beautiful and quality oriented website that focuses on delivering right information will make you stand out among the competition.

If you do not have a website then the customers may question the legitimacy about your brand. Even if a customer cannot visit your site physically he surely can google you and creating a good impression through your website will generate positive leads.


Having a website is an excellent method of the branding strategy. With the aid of a website you can deliver the idea of your brand to targeted and as well as potential customers. If you have a persuasive website that clearly defines the mission and vision of your brand then chances are higher that a certain customer will buy from you.

Positive lead generation:

We believe that the most important reason for having a website for any business is the “Generation of positive leads”. Once people are aware that your business has an online presence they will visit that website even if they do not have to buy a thing. But they will get interested, because they can view all inventory of your business. Though maintaining and managing the websites may be hectic but they promise you a nice ROI.

 Natural/Organic traffic:

Having a search engine optimized website will help you to rank at top at Google search results. So, when a person searches for any kind of product or service and you will be delivering that then due to credibility of being at top that customer will tend to buy from you. Hence a website will not just help you to obtain positive leads but will also expand your customer base.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Most of the customers have queries and general FAQs about your product or service. Now traditionally, people used to call on toll free numbers for which companies have to hire a lot of staff to answer the calls 24/7.

But now with the help of a website these hurdles are removed. As the most frequently asked questions and queries are present on the website. The customer will simply visit the website and will get his answers.

In addition to this introduction of messenger bots to your website will make it more easy to respond to customer queries through automated responses. Moreover for more tailored questions customers can mail as well at your site address.

Hence all the above factors collectively contribute towards enhanced customer relationships.

Why is a website necessary for business


As the website ensures your presence digitally 24/7. Hence, you can update any new upcoming product or can break any news about sale. Website will be a mode to keep your customers up to date regarding your new projects.

Digital Marketing:

 Everyone wants to display ads at their website to attract more traffic towards landing pages. Moreover, it can only be done if you have a handsome amount of traffic. Hence, if you plan on marketing your products digitally it is essential that you invest in buying a website early. Because, it is not a blink of an eye type of process.

Websites are an important part of business these days. Particularly in this time period when everyone is restricted to their homes due to pandemic, the importance of the internet and social media has increased much more. So, if you have not thought of a website for your business it is not too late. The key is to take the first step.