Search engine optimization (SEO) works as an answer machine. It helps the google crawler to crawl, search, and to organize different types of content present on the internet. This helps to bring the most relevant results to search queries of the searchers.

If you want your target audience to see your content on the internet, you first have to make sure that your website is visible to the search engines and their crawlers. This is the most debatable question, if your website does not appear to search engines then there is no way in this world that you can appear in search engine results (SERP).

Mode of SEO to work for websites:

Any search engine will work through these three primary functions:

  1. Crawling: The crawler will find the content all over the internet and they will pick the URL of every content that will be relevant.
  2. Indexing: It will collect all the URLs it found out while crawling and will organize it. Once the URL’s in the indexing stage the search engine will rank down the URL’s to display in order.
  3. Ranking: In this process, the search engine ranks the URLs from most relevant to the least relevant. So that it can deliver the most relevant results for the person who searched.

Search engine crawling:

Crawling is the process of discovering and recovering which the internet does through search engines. In this process, the search engines call out for the team of robots which are known as search engine spiders and crawlers.

These crawlers discover the most fresh and updated content for the search query. No matter what kind of content format is (text, audio, video, photo etc) crawlers always find the content with the help of links.

Crawlers hop on a few web pages and keep on finding links through these web pages. As they travel through a path or an array of links, they always end up indexing fresh content and updating their index called “Caffeine”. It is a huge database in which URLS are stored.

How search engines work for websites

 SEO and your website

 Consider you have two websites, Website A and Website B. The first website, website A is not responsive. It will mean that this website won’t load smoothly on mobile phones, tablets and all other devices.

On the other hand, website B is the responsive one which means it will load more smoothly on all devices. People will have better user experience while scrolling through the website.

Now see among these two websites it is very easy for search engines to pick up website A which is very responsive.

These days search engines use more than 200 factors to rank any website. So there is more than ever need for SEO if you want your website to appear in SERP.

 Why do search engines are influenced by SEO?

 I mean why do search engines even care if your website is search engine optimized or not? We are not paying them by doing SEO right? But that is the thing you may not be doing that but probably someone else will be paying search engines to rank higher.

So they care because the search engines also have to make money which they do playing advertisement on these top ranked websites

When you search for any search query in the search engine the resulting pages contain both the organic results and also those websites which have paid the search engine. The organic results are those that appear due to SEO.

While others appear due to PPC (Pay per click advertisement). You can’t bribe the google by paying them money and you can secure whatever position in the search engine results. It does not work like that.

More people use the search engine. More people will visit the websites and by displaying the paid websites on top the viewers will click on the ads. That will mean more money. Makes sense?